Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hooping on the roof of Seattle

Lisa Hooping: Light Practice and Pen Tool selection
HW 9 Selecting Image with a Pen Tool
This tool is so much better than the Lasso Tool.
I selected Lisa and her hoop with the Pen tool, as in your very good explainable video, I was able to make a very crisp and clean selection. The only difference is going back and forward from the Path tab, to the Layer tab to execute the selection before dragging the image to the new back ground.
Lisa did her performance in a club, but the back ground leaves a much desired for.
However the performance was in San Francisco, the only City picture I have is Seattle.
I created a glass shelf for her to stand on, like I have seen in very big City clubs.
I can’t wait to show this to Lisa.

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