Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Theme: Blue flower with orange butterfly’s flying into distance
McIntosh J-Homework 4 Photoshop
All the pictures I used are my original pictures
Blue Flower Picture Details: Butterfly Picture Details:
Date created 3/12/2006 2/20/2009
File Size 628 KB 1.49MB
Dimensions 1704X2272 2048X1536
Dimensions 9.5”X12.6” 28.4”X21.3”
Resolution 180ppi 72ppi
Bit Dept 8 8
Color Profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1 sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Camera PowerShot A520 Digital Other Digital
Exposure Mode Auto Auto
Focal Length 23.2 mm 46.7 mm

I chose 7 pictures for this project.
I used the blue flower for the back ground and several pictures of butterfly’s in different positions. I user some of the pictures twice, and used the arbitrary rotation to get them in the position I wanted. I also resized the butterfly’s to make it look like some are flying away in the distance, by using image size. I rather work with the percent than inches, by changing the amount in the Document Size width percent, I will be able to resize all my butterfly’s in different sizes. I’m absolutely in love with the Magnetic lasso tool, I use this function to wrap around the butterfly with some back ground still attached. After moving the butterfly over on the back ground, selected Inverse, than “holding down the Shift Key”, I am still able to move my butterfly around and place it in the right spot. It still looks a bit messy, because part of the back ground is still attached, but by zooming in by 200, I am able to go around the edges and clean it up with the erase tool. I can choose the size of the erase tool, to quickly get rid of big chunks, or with the small size, get into little corners. I kept the edges very sharp, for the end result to look like the butterfly’s are flying of the monitor, and it gives it a 3D effect.

Finished piece Image details:
File Name (Blue Flower With Butterfly’s.psd)
22.89 MB
180 ppi

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