Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surrealism "I'm Puzzled"

Theme: Surrealism I’m Puzzled
I find Surreal Imagery very interesting, my Image “I’m Puzzled” is one of my dreams I had a while ago. The longer I look at it the more I understand what it represents to me. As all art I believe you can find a meaning in an image, depending on your mood when looking at it, one day versa a other you might see something entirely different. In this Image I try to make the Kight with the puzzle pieces flying off it, to be my focal point. The Puzzle pieces have the image of my face reflection on it. The kight made of glass making it look very fragile, and leaving me feeling blown away, and coming apart. The tail of the kight has some of the shapes that I created with Photoshop Vector and pen tools. The wall below water is one of the elements that represents blocked paths in my life and actually painted the wall with acrylics and scanned it, to implement it into this art.
I think, all this is coming from being separated from my husband.

S U R R E A L IS M project:
Theme Self Image, What other don’t see what I see about myself, and How the mind is a puzze work of connecting peaces, that not neceserely fit together all the time.
Image requirements, Bitmap Graphict, Photographs, Scanned drawings, scanned, objectss, pen tool: to cut out my head

week 5: {June 29 - July 3}Lesson 11:Thursday, July 2MORE ESSENTIALS
HW 10 Surreal Image Requirements:Use a combination of bitmap graphics such as; photographs, scanned drawings, scanned small objects... and the pen tool to create a surreal image. Remember an important component in surreal imagry is a fantastical juxtaposition of subject matter. For example, a cow with wings flying over the moon, an airplane flying over a toaster :-)Try using some of the techniques demonstrated in the video tutorials. The piece can be photographic in nature, illustrative, or a mix. BUT THERE MUST BE EVIDENCE OF AT LEAST TWO VECTOR OBJECTS CREATED WITH THE PEN TOOL IN THIS GRAPHIC.
Save in jpeg format {file>save for web} and in the subject field of the email put your last name and first initial with the number of the homework.
Example: McIntosh J-HW10 surreal Please use this format for each assignment that you email me throughout the semester.

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