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Creating and Formatting Text Graphic (HW6 Part2)
I just love having so many options, blending, mixing and matching, a very artistic friendly environment.
With out the history backup, I would not be able to do this again.
On the banner is my Text Practice:
D J Creations

PART 3: Define the following terms:
ascender- Letter that are above the Base line.
Descender- Descenders on characters such as Below Baseline Letters: (Y) (P) (g) extend down below the baseline while curved letters such as (C) or (0) extend ever so slightly below the baseline. The baseline is the point from which other elements of type are measured including X-height and Leading.

san serif- Modern type Example
serif- Little extensions of the letter, making it look like Calligraphy Hand writing
x-height, Raised Letter (X)
baseline- The line where the letters sit on, Example bottom of the (P) belly, it has to do with measurement, space in between letters and row height.
weight- Weight in Type, most typefaces contain bold and bold italic typestyles which are much heavier in stroke weight.

stress- Vertical stress (O) (O)
Diagonal Stress (O) (o)

stem- Example first vertical line in an (N)Answer the following questions:i) What does the term 'typeface' mean? Font Family
Typeface are specific letterform design of an alphabet, with characteristics that differentiate it from any other design.
ii) Give an example of a light weight font and a heavy font that you have on your system (not from the website).
One example of light weight font on my personal Lap top is: light weight
One example of heavy font on my personal Lap top is: heavy font
iii) What is the difference between a font and a type family. Give an example.
the phys­i­cal embod­i­ment of a col­lec­tion of let­ters, num­bers, sym­bols, etc. (whether it’s a case of metal pieces or a com­puter file) is a font. When refer­ring to the design of the col­lec­tion (the way it looks) you call it a typeface.
iv) Write one paragraph about Johann Gutenburg and his contribution to the printed word.
A True Renaissance man Johannes Gutenberg was the first European to use movable-type printing, and he created the mechanical printing press. The mechanical printing press is one of the most important inventions every made. The way of mass production of books before Gutenberg’s invention, was wood block copying. After Gutenberg invention was made and used, the production of books, development in science, arts, and religion took off. The movable printing press also allowed more everyday people to print their own ideas and spread them, without being too expensive. Movable print changed our world, in many ways like, advances in the arts, science, religion, and also the spread of personal beliefs. The Renaissance is all about the rebirth from the Dark Ages, and with Gutenberg’s printing press new ideas and individual beliefs were allowed to spread like wild fire throughout Europe, and change Europe forever. People, like Martin Luther, could write about their beliefs and get them out, even though the church controlled most people’s actions, people could revolt and rebel and be different.
v) Why is a 'modern' typeface not an appropriate font for the web?
It is reader friendly.
vi) Why is Baskerville considered a readable typeface? What characteristic (one of the type terms from above) specifically makes it legible?
Serif types are generally considered MORE readableInclude the answers as text in your email.PART 4:2. TYPOGRAPHY GRAPHICImage Requirements:Choose one typeface and one piece of text {haiku, part of a poem, lyrics, quote from a person, quote from a newspaper article or your own poem...} that will set the tone and theme for this graphic.
My Original Photography: Dog, Rope, Fence
Header typeface Mesquite Std:
Header: Dog B Gone
Theme: Animal Abuse Awareness
Tone: Outlaw style posting
Body Text typeface LilyUPC:
To some People a Pet is such a
special friend,
A friend in many ways.
Sharing love and companionship,
Just looking for your praise.
The clever things they often
do Bring a smile to your face.
To other People a Pet is
nothing but a material possession.
All that is left in this back yard,
are foot prints and the rope
the dog was tied to.
The Dog owner is charged,
with animal abuse and neglect.Use one background graphic, or create a composited image that supports and works with your text. Prepare your background using image editing skills we have previously covered. You may use original photographs, stock photography, a web graphic (provide a credit if you do).You may choose to try the filter techniques outlined in my video tutorials for this week or try a technique of your own. Work to integrate your text as a graphical element within the imagry. Establish a focal point in your graphic, and apply appropriate tracking, leading and choose a typeface and type treatment that aptly conveys your message. You may include a title for your text and who wrote it, or give credit in the email when you submit it.

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