Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Theme: The Sunny Side of Life ‘The ultimate health magazine
Home Work 9 Masking, using 2 layers

I think a really good selling magazine, needs to be very eye catching, Collors and visual elements are there for important. Collors need to match, and i choose a happy positive theme. I think with all the negativity, something uplifting, cheerfull and sunny might stand out, between all the other magazines.
I am focusing my magazine on positive Health stories, uplifting experiances, self help health, motivational quotes, tips, and awards.
The Title of the cover “The sunny side of life” Cover collor represents a mid summer ussue of the magazine, people are ingaged with out door activities, and enjoing the gardens. This makes it a visual hint, you can read this magazing while sitting in your back yard.
Magazine explanation: “The ultimate monthly Health magazine”
Cover story: step by step instructions how to loose weight while hooping, and how easy it is. “If you think hooping is not a work out, think again” included Lisa instructor picture with her hoop on the cover
Every month a new Quote will be printed on the cover, wanting to get the next magazine to see what the next quote might be.
Again, working in the silent hinh “Is Gardening considert a work out?”
people love pets, and love to read about wat they have to say about animales: “Kahealani Werner’s Story, how pets can benefit your mental health”
My opinion, a lot of people take Vitamins and are cirous what other people take how ofter and why: “How many vitamins do you take a day?
When you are done reading your magazine, you will get hungry, pictures of garden setting lunch, and how to make it funn for the whoe family, with tips how to make a quick bite, and it to be good for you to: “Healty Eating is Happy Eating, Have you had your fresh vegetables today. How to stay healthy with eating right!”
And as final, because Autism is a new hot topic, the award inning person who was selected, for being a upstanging citisen: “Exclusive interview with Louise Emerson, her 50 year aniversary working with Children with Autism”
The Back drop I created with my brush tools like the leaf pattern #74. The color Channels I picked with just using Red and Green, this gave me a popping bright yellow. Because of the bright color I kept the image very simple, and used one of my original gate picture of a Botanic garden in Belgium Antwerp, and this gave it some contrast.
The Picture is Lisa, my coworker who is a Hooping instructor, she inspired to do a heath magazine.

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